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The 247coin is a PoW and PoS cryptocurrency designed to have an alternating staking rate between 7% and 2400%, then reduce in staking rate over time. Beginning as a high staking rate coin, it will encourage hodling until the coin reaches a 7% staking rate in about 2 1/2 years. A revenue based project is planned for the future once the staking rate decreases to a sustainable level. The final low staking rate of 7% should provide a consistent return of coins over a long period of time.

Coins may be purchased prior to the launch of the wallet thru the 247Coin Discord in cooperation with The Proof of Stake Pools website. The official wallet release will take place on or near June 15, 2019. This is after the completion of the 100,000 coin presale, and once the presale coins have staked to a total of the 1,000,000 coins in the Proof of Stake Pools website for allocation of the premine coins.

Coin Specifications

Name: 247coin

Mining: PoS only

Algo: Scrypt

Ticker symbol: 247

Premine: 1 Million

Block time: 2 Minutes

Min stake time: 7 Days

P2P Port: 34661

RPC Port: 34668

PoS rewards, 7%-2400% APR

Maximum Supply: 20 Billion

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